3 Column Tumblr Themes

By Justin Beir

Tumblr themes are a dime a dozen these days. You can find it almost anywhere online. There are a lot of sites that claim to have the best tumblr themes you can find on the internet, however you really can't be too sure as to whether the site does have the theme that you are looking for. When looking for a theme for your tumblr site, it's easy to stumble upon websites that offer themes for free, however choosing the best one for your site might not be an easy task. That's why Tumblr offers a lot of theme design choices for anyone looking for the right one for their tumblog.

Tumblr is differentiated based on the number of columns that people will be using for their website to have a good flow. Tumblr has available single columned theme, two columned themes and the most famous is the 3 column Tumblr themes. These 3 column themes are really important and are widely used among other columned themes of Tumblr. Why is it important to have 3?

AMPLE ORGANIZATION - Having three columns in your theme is very helpful to keep the idea of your over-all concept intact without giving it a messy look. Proper organization is very important for you to identify which one to place on the specific column to another as this will keep the flow of the content successfully without giving a hard choice for people to read it in the most complicated way. If you have three columns, you can have ample organization as you have a big space for your contents to be divided according to their type, use and purpose. Without it, it will be very hard for you to organize the contents as it could be messy looking for your contents to be together in the closest way.

VISUAL VARIETY - 3 column Tumblr themes greatly help for your website to have visual variety. Visual variety means that you readers will find variety of things in one glance of your pages. The columns will help you do that as this will give them the freedom to read and look for more without further scanning or clicking for another page. This greatly works if you have 3 columns in your page as three columns will help you designate specific placement in a variety of contents. A good example to this is the composition of pictures, videos and articles in one page. A three column will really help a lot as this will help divide these three different contents without hampering the relationship of the three. With three columns, it would not be hard for the readers to read your article while glancing on the picture and playing the video as the three columns will help them give a one look comprehension on all the contents being posted on a specific page.

Cleaner Look - As mentioned earlier, no site visitor would like to visit your site if it looked messy. With a 3 column tumblr theme, you can easily clean up that mess and put each post according to their type on each column. This gives a neat touch to the content you are posting on your tumblog. If your site is clean, it leaves a nice and lasting first impression to whoever is visiting your site and would re visit it as often as they can.

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